wireless internet access

how do i connect?

  1. select eduroam under your wifi networks
  2. login using your schoolcraft college id (ex: a0123456) or blackboard id. faculty and staff may use an email address (ex. afaculty@schoolcraft.edu) in place of a schoolcraft college id. this will allow the use of eduroam at other schools that support it.
  3. trust the connection:
    • android and chromeos:
      • make sure your eap method is set to "peap".
      • select "do not validate" under the ca certificate drop down menu.
    • iphone: select "trust"
    • windows: "select "connect"
    • macbook:
      • one the verify certificate page, press "continue".
      • confirm that you want to change your certificate trust settings.
you are now connected! if you are experiencing issues connecting to the wifi network, call the answer center at 734-462-4426 and press 1.

your username and password is valid for 30 days, and will not require you to log in again during this time.